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In 2009, women accounted for just 24 percent of bicycle trips in the U.S. It’s time for that to change. That’s why the League launched Women Bike — the first national advocacy initiative to encourage, engage and elevate more women bicyclists in the United States.

The popularity of bicycling is skyrocketing nationwide and interest among women is rising, too. More than 80 percent of American women have a positive view of bicyclists and two-thirds think their community would be a better place to live if riding a bike were safer and more comfortable (Princeton Survey Research Associates national poll, September 2012). Still, women are underrepresented as riders and leaders in many aspects of the bicycle movement.

As the energy and interest to get more women on bike grows, we need to share our collective knowledge, build a network of female leaders and start working on targeted programs that put more women in the saddle and at the forefront of the movement. The purpose of Women Bike is to serve as a central source of information, inspiration and community.

Looking for facts and figures? Trying to find the latest research on women and bicycling? Need an idea to kickstart a campaign in your community? We're committed to being your go-to source of information and best practices in engaging and empowering more women to ride a bike — and rise in the movement.

Women Bike Resources

How to Host a Women's Bicycling Forum

Across the country, individual leaders and bicycling organizations are prioritizing getting more women on bikes — and many are starting the conversation with a gathering of new and long-time riders. To help make these events as successful as possible, we created this guide: How to Host a Women's Bicycling Forum (click to download).

Women on a Roll

A first-of-its-kind report from the Women Bike program, Women on a Roll compiles more than 100 original and trusted sources of data to showcase the growth and potential of female bicyclists in the United States. It also suggest five key focus areas — the 5 Cs — to increase women's ridership. Download the full report and read the press release.

Additional Women Bike resources

Through webinars, grants, magazine articles and special reports the Women Bike program is a growing hub of information about women and bicycling. Read more from our library...

Past Webinars & Webcasts

From advocacy campaigns to business initiatives, there are so many exciting efforts to get more women riding. Women Bike webinars will share stories, showcase key leaders and highlight ideas and programs that can help you empower women in your community.