I Bike I Vote Resources


Much of how we shape a Bicycle Friendly America takes place in Washington, DC, on Capitol Hill and in the federal government. In our efforts to make biking better, the League is successful because our support spans the political spectrum—making our work bike-partisan—and supporters like you take action by contacting your representatives or senators and speaking up for people who bike.

In just the last few years, the League’s efforts on the Hill helped achieve unprecedented investments in safer, connected bicycle networks, pedestrian walkways and other life-saving projects in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, including a 60% increase in Transportation Alternatives Funding. Congress will play a crucial role in bolstering our work to build Safe Streets For All and a better quality of life in our communities, and the first step to building support in Congress for a Bicycle Friendly America starts with people like you voting.

The more that people who bike are also people who vote, the more power we will collectively have to ensure Congress stands for people who ride bikes and makes our streets safer for everyone. Tell elected officials: “I bike, I vote!”

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