Awards Criteria

To determine if a community, business, or university merits a Bicycle Friendly America award, judges use the 5 Es to evaluate each application. Each application is assessed holistically as every community, business, and university must approach making biking better based on the unique needs of the people who live, work, shop, or attend school there.

Utilizing the 5 Es, judges recommend award levels ranging from Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Applications that do not meet our standards receive Honorable Mention or no award. All applicants are provided tailored feedback on how to improve biking in their communities.

The Essential Elements Of A Bicycle Friendly America℠

Each Bicycle Friendly Community℠, Bicycle Friendly Business℠ and Bicycle Friendly University℠ recognized by the League is different.  Each with their own natural benefits and challenges — from climate and topography to culture and population density. But there are essential elements across five categories — known as the 5 Es — that are consistent in making great places for bicycling.

To truly achieve the vision of a Bicycle Friendly America for everyoneEquity & Accessibility are the essential lenses through which all other elements must be viewed. Learn more about the League's commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and see below for more about how the League has incorporated Equity & Accessibility into the Five E framework.

The 5 E's