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The Bicycle Friendly University (BFU℠) program recognizes institutions of higher education for promoting and providing a more bikeable campus for students, staff and visitors. The BFU program provides the roadmap and technical assistance to create great campuses for cycling.

Colleges and university campuses are unique environments for their high density, stimulating atmosphere and defined boundaries. These factors make them ideal environments to incorporate bikes. Many colleges and universities have built upon these good conditions and embraced the enthusiasm for more bicycle-friendly campuses by incorporating bike share programs, bike co-ops, clubs, bicycling education classes and policies to promote bicycling as a preferred means of transportation. With the goal to build on this momentum and inspire more action to build healthy, sustainable and livable institutions of higher education, The League created the Bicycle Friendly University program.

The Bicycle Friendly University program evaluates applicants’ efforts to promote bicycling in five primary areas: engineering, encouragement, education, enforcement and evaluation/planning, known as the Five E's. Applications must be submitted online.


"A-State standing as a BFU is crucial to our influence on the community. Our investment into separated infrastructure has motivated our city to commit funding and grants toward building a connection from downtown to campus, and to construct it to the same standards we have used on campus. This is a significant change in city behavior, thanks in part to our status as a BFU, and legitimizes our voice in the local debate on standards."
—Bill Smith, chief communications officer and member of the A-State Bike Program Committee, Arkansas State University (Silver)

“Completing this application provides an excellent reflection and evaluation tool. We see our strengths and growth and opportunities for improvement. In the coming semesters, we would like to develop and promote more robust toolkits for free or discounted biking resources for vulnerable and marginalized campus populations.”
—Thomas Worth, bicycle program manager, University of Maryland College Park (Gold)

“After receiving our Honorable Mention and feedback, our university moved a Bicycle Friendly University designation to a priority. We have since followed guidance to create a stronger program, committing to bicycling on campus and working hard to engage as many stakeholders as possible.”
—Jay Price, sustainability manager, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Bronze)

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