Banding Together For Better Biking

In 1880, cyclists formed the Bike League to demand paved roads, signing their names on a massive wheel that was presented to Congress. While our methods have changed, our vision is the same: uniting cyclists to make biking better.

Why Join?

The Bike League represents a broad coalition of riders of diverse backgrounds and interests, across the country. Joining the Bike League in membership is a simple step that you can take to ensure the interests of Americans who ride are represented on Capitol Hill and throughout our advocacy work. Join the movement of bicyclists, united for change!

Your membership powers our time-tested programs: the bike-boosting Bicycle Friendly America program, our diligent and daily advocacy in Washington, DC to shape federal transportation policy, the Smart Cycling bike education program, our equity and outreach programs, and our support for local clubs and advocacy organizations in all of their efforts to make your ride better.

Additional Member Benefits

You'll be more connected through our American Bicyclist magazine and email updatesYour membership card also gets you discounts and special offers at a wide range of retailers and related businesses.

Membership is open to all: individuals, families, bike clubs and organizations, government agencies, bike shops and other businesses. Membership dues start at $50/year for individuals.