Membership Types

Many Wheels, One League

Commuters, club riders, mountain bikers, grocery getters, transportation engineers...

Bike shops, cafes, touring companies, restaurants, real estate offices, and Bicycle Friendly Businesses of every stripe...

Moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, mail carriers, firefighters, professional athletes...


The League unites all types of people who bike, making your ride better whether you're going to work, to the store, around the lake or touring your way across the country. There is a level of League membership that's right for everyone.

Together, let's make biking better! Join us today!

I'm a member of LAB because of the professional way they promote bicycling, because of the way they keep their members informed, and because of the guidance they give their members with regard to how they, too, can actively help promote bicycling and make our streets safer.

— Kevin Hopps, Valley Village, CA

League membership benefits the Kansas City Metro Bicycle Club in so many ways. We cover our members with the League’s insurance program. We share leadership know-how through the leadership training series. And we enhance our club’s benefits by offering our members League membership through the 100% club program.

—Ron Puett, Kansas City, MO

If you have questions, call us at 202-822-1333 or email [email protected].