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Help the League show the broad support across the country for Slow Roads.

Slow roads are safe roads. And safe roads make life better for everybody.

When roads are slow, our communities and neighborhoods thrive. When roads are safe, there are fewer crashes and those that do occur are less severe. In terms of both livability and survivability, slow roads are the best roads.

Roadway crashes are preventable and our national, state, and local leaders should prioritize efforts to eliminate and mitigate the scourge of traffic violence. Slow roads are critical to that.

A person hit by a vehicle traveling at 20 miles per hour (mph) has a 90 percent chance of survival. The risk of death more than doubles if that person is hit by a driver going 30 mph. Whether the crash occurs due to distraction, intoxication, speeding, or any other bad behavior, the crash speed controls whether the person hit is likely to live or die.

The most common speed limit on a road where a person biking or walking is killed is 45 mph. More than 90 percent of the nearly 43,000 traffic deaths in the United States are on roads with speed limits over 30 mph.

We need safer streets in the United States.

To do that, we must embrace the protection provided by slow roads and slow speeds in our neighborhoods and other places where people biking, walking, or using mobility devices frequently intermix with motor vehicles. That's how other countries have successfully reduced traffic deaths: a combined embrace by government leaders and individuals of a traffic safety culture that favors slower speeds, including maximum vehicle travel speeds have been set to 20 mph (or less) on neighborhood roads and other streets where people live, work, learn, and play.

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Show Your Support for Slow Roads Save Lives

As an individual driver, I support the “Slow Roads Save Lives” campaign and I pledge to embrace slower speeds by:

  • Speaking up for the value of slow speeds, which reduce dangers to everyone by limiting the physical forces of potential crashes.
  • Supporting transformational policy and roadway designs, which help make roads slower and safer for everyone.
  • Driving 20 mph in my neighborhood, on the blocks where my family and neighbors live, walk, and play.
  • Driving with an intention of speed limit compliance at all times and recognizing that I control the speed of my vehicle.

All of us want safer roads. Help us spread the message that slower speeds save lives and speed limits should be set for safety.

By taking the "Slow Road Save Lives" pledge, you acknowledge that the League may send you periodic communications.