Autonomous Vehicles

The League of American Bicyclists supports the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles (AVs). The League believes that autonomous vehicles will eventually improve the safety of people who bike and walk and provide opportunities for communities to create better places to bike and walk as vehicles become more law abiding and predictable. AVs cannot be distracted, should not be able to speed or otherwise violate traffic laws, and should be able to detect, recognize, and react to bicyclists and pedestrians as well as human drivers or better.

To guide the AV industry as the technology develops and improves, the League has stated a set of safety guidelines for cyclist-AV interactions.

Guidelines for AV Interactions with People on Bikes

The League has long been advocating for putting the safety of people biking and walking first in the development of self-driving vehicle technology. That's why we're excited to partner with companies Like Cruise and Waymo that share our vision of improved safety for all road users.

We hope that the technical guidelines help this emerging technology contribute to a more Bicycle Friendly America for everyone by ensuring the future of transportation in the United States is one where people bicycling, walking and rolling are made safer, and their rights to the road are preserved. Protecting people biking, walking and rolling is not an edge case for Automated Vehicles, but must be a core competency.

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