Bikes and Amtrak

In support of our belief that more bicycling means more benefits for everyone, the League of American Bicyclists has taken the lead on reviving the Amtrak Bike Task Force to make travel by train with a bike more seamless than ever.

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We need your input on where Amtrak needs improvement. Please take our Bikes on Amtrak Survey and share it widely with your network. Your participation in the survey will help shape the work of the task force.

Amtrak Bike Task Force

The goal of the task force is to make bike travel by train easier and more convenient. America's rail network can facilitate connectivity to bike touring, trails, recreation, and other activities important to the economies of communities throughout the nation. Through the Amtrak Bike Task Force, the League is working to strengthen the transportation network and availability of transportation choices.

Since its inception in January 2014, the task force has explored ways to simplify bringing bikes on trains and we've made progress on bike parking on trains and bike accessibility at stations. We know there is much more we can do and we hope you'll take our survey to shape our future advocacy.

Tips on Train Travel

In May 2023, as part of our revival of the Amtrak Bike Task Force, the League and Amtrak hosted a webinar to share the basics of traveling by train with your bike. Here are some tips Amtrak shared with interested travelers:

  • Train travel is popular, so our friends at Amtrak advise booking early, especially if you are traveling with a bike.
  • Amtrak offers both carry-on bike service, with limited bike parking on the passenger cars, and bikes that are boxed that travel as checked luggage. The service does vary by train route and station, so check the Amtrak web-site, which now makes it easy to see what station and what routes accommodate bike parking and bike luggage service.
  • Amtrak is renovating and upgrading many stations across the country, with an intentional purpose of improving train service for all travelers, including bikes.

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