Bicycle Friendly State Ranking

The Bicycle Friendly State ranking provides a ranking for all 50 states based on four public data sources and a Bicycle Friendly State survey that is answered by each state's Department of Transportation and/or a statewide bicycle advocacy organization.

The data analyzed for the Bicycle Friendly State ranking is organized into five categories.  The chart below shows:

  • Each state’s ranking for 2022,
  • The number of Bicycle Friendly Actions taken by each state – these are actions that the League believes are key indicators of a state’s commitment to improving bicycling, and
  • Each state’s grade in each of the five categories used in our analysis – these grades can help states, citizens, and advocates understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of their state relative to other states. Grades are awarded on a curve, with the highest scoring states receiving an “A.”

This chart shows all past rankings for each state. It is important to note that not all years have a ranking and that changes to both the survey and its scoring rubric have occurred throughout the Bicycle Friendly State program’s history.