Quick Assessment

The Bicycle Friendly America℠ program is more than an assessment. All applicants get customized feedback on their applications and access to technical assistance. Use this Quick Assessment to get an idea of where you are now and where you want to go. We're here to help you get there.


Does your community have a comprehensive, connected, and well-maintained low-stress bicycling network?(Required)
Is bike parking readily available throughout the community?(Required)
Is there a Complete Streets Ordinance or other policy that mandates the accommodation of cyclists on all road projects?(Required)
Is there a bike share program that allows residents and visitors to easily access bikes in the community?(Required)
Does your community work with neighboring communities or the larger region to plan and discuss bike projects?(Required)


Is bicycling education regularly offered for youth both in and outside of schools?(Required)
Are there bicycling education courses or learning opportunities available for adults in the community?(Required)
Does your community educate motorists and cyclists on their rights and responsibilities as road users?(Required)


Are there policies or programs in place to incentivize and normalize bicycling in your community?(Required)
Does the community celebrate bicycling during National Bike Month with community rides, Bike To Work Day, or other community outreach?(Required)
Does the community host any major community cycling events or rides throughout the year?(Required)
Is there an active bicycle advocacy group and at least one social or recreational bike club in the community?(Required)
Does your community have an up-to-date bicycle map?(Required)
Does your community have an up-to-date website where people can find information about bicycling in your community?(Required)

Evaluation & Planning

Does your community have a current comprehensive Bicycle Master Plan?(Required)
Is there a Bicycle Advisory Committee that meets regularly?(Required)
Does your community have a Bicycle Program Manager, Active Transportation Coordinator, or similar role?(Required)
Is there a specific plan or program to reduce cyclist/motor vehicle crashes?(Required)
Does your community’s budget have dedicated funds for biking projects and maintenance?(Required)

Equity & Accessibility

Has your community used any socioeconomic and/or demographic data to inform bicycling investments?(Required)
Has your community considered the needs of cyclists with disabilities, such as by providing adaptive cycles in the bike share program, designing bike facilities to accommodate adaptive cycling, or offering adaptive cycling-specific education?(Required)
Has your community formed partnerships with a variety of local groups and organizations to reach and engage with new audiences to promote cycling?(Required)
Do you have an accessible and up-to-date website that is easy to navigate and contains useful information for the community about bicycling?(Required)
Do marketing materials and community plans have pictures and content that represent everyone in the community?(Required)