Getting Started & FAQ

About the LCI Seminar

The LCI training seminar focuses on teaching and demonstration techniques used with future students both on the road and in the classroom. The seminar emphasis is on how to teach bicycle safety and skills so as to provide increased comfort and confidence for new and returning bicyclists and youth. The seminar does not emphasize the content or specific details of the cycling course curricula. It is primarily about teaching, and each candidate will have opportunities during the seminar to practice facilitating parts of the Smart Cycling curriculum, both in the classroom and in the parking lot. The seminar is normally one evening and two full days. Generally, one-third of the time is on-bike, so students should be prepared to ride. Click here to find a seminar near you.

The registration fee is $500 (effective April 2020) and includes the seminar materials. Download the LCI Seminar Description - great for submitting to an employer or for a grant.

Steps to Becoming a League Cycling Instructor

FAQ: What Do I Need To Know About Becoming An LCI?