Bike Law University

The Bike Law University is a resource series created by the League to present state traffic laws related to bicyclists in a reader-friendly format.

These resources give greater depth and context — including comparative charts — to our state law resources and our Bicycle Friendly State rankings.

The Explanation and Best Practices contain answers to the following questions for each topic:

  • What is the law being discussed?
  • Why should you, as a bicyclist, care about it?
  • Which states have the law being discussed?
  • Where did this type of law come from?
  • A spotlight state that highlights the issues embedded in each type of law.

The Comparative Charts provide citations and tables that show common features for each type of law and which states have which features.

Click on a topic below to see how your state's laws compare to the laws in the other 49 states.

Bike Laws Topics: Explanations And Best Practices

Bike Laws Topics: State Comparative Charts