Cycling is a fun, healthy activity, but it is not without its risks. For years, club and organizational leaders have worked with the League to cover themselves and their members and participants during club rides, special events, and off-bike activities.

The League’s policies are available to most member organizations, regardless of tax-exempt or incorporation status. The basic policy provides both general liability and participant accident policies. Optional coverages are available to cover education, bike refurbishment, directors and officers, and other common activities.

Primary coverage options are for recreational riding clubs, who pay on a per-member basis, and advocacy organizations, who pay a flat fee for basic coverage.

For full information on the League’s insurance options, visit Even if you are not yet a member, or unsure if you’re ready to purchase insurance, we encourage you to explore the purchase insurance link from that page - the interactive application process will inform you about the coverages, exceptions, and available optional coverages. You can save the insurance quote from this process until you’re ready to buy.

Insurance policies are administered by American Specialty insurance, who have worked with the League for over 20 years. Policies underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, Mutual of Omaha, and Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company.

Request a quote and purchase a policy on our cooperative insurance program website here!

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Insurance Contact Information

Rene Waterson, AIS, AINS
Account Manager, Special Programs
American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc.

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(260) 969-5392

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