The Bicycle Friendly Community Ideabook

The Bicycle Friendly Community Ideabook is designed to help communities learn about projects, policies, and programs that have been successfully used by peer communities around the country to better support people riding bikes. This resource showcases proven and practical ways local governments can make their community safer, healthier, more equitable, and more sustainable by making bicycling a real, safe transportation option. For local changemakers, this resource can be a tool to suggest and champion these ideas, and to help inspire local decision makers to implement these changes.

This book highlights a number of ideas from a selection of communities and partner organizations that have participated in the League's Bicycle Friendly America program over the past five years. The stories highlighted in this book represent communities in urban, suburban, and rural areas across America, representing cities, towns, tribal nations, counties, and regions of a wide range of sizes, geographies, climates, and demographics.

Below, you can browse the complete Bicycle Friendly Community Ideabook, explore the interactive map version, and find links to all resources and case study source links referenced in the book.


The BFC Ideabook is published with support from:

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Part 1: Building a Bicycle Friendly Community, For Everyone

Part 2: Building Infrastructure for Bicycling

Part 3: Building Support By Supporting Bicyclists

Webinar: Introducing the BFC Ideabook



The League of American Bicyclists developed the Bicycle Friendly Community Ideabook with funding and support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity. These efforts are part of the Active People, Healthy Nation InitiativeSM that is working to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027.