Quick Assessment

The Bicycle Friendly America℠ program is more than an assessment. All applicants get customized feedback on their applications and access to technical assistance. Use this Quick Assessment to get an idea of where you are now and where you want to go. We're here to help you get there.


Is the business in a location that is easily accessible by bike?(Required)
Is the business a vocal supporter for improved bicycling conditions in the surrounding community?(Required)
Does the business provide a sufficient amount of secure and convenient bike parking?(Required)
Are end-of-trip facilities such as showers, changing facilities, and repair tools available and free for employees who bike to work?(Required)


Does the business provide incentives for employees to commute to work by bike?(Required)
Are there any company-owned shared bicycles or bike share-related benefits for employees to use for quick trips during the work day?(Required)
Does the business support local, statewide, and national bike advocacy organizations working to improve conditions for bicyclists in the surrounding community and beyond?(Required)
Does the business host a Bike to Work Day event at least annually and fosters a positive biking culture year-round?(Required)


Does the business offer or promote bicycle education classes or information sessions on a regular basis?(Required)
Are bicycling education materials available to employees, customers, and guests?(Required)
Are any professional drivers or fleet operators required to take Bicycle Friendly Driver training as part of their job?(Required)

Evaluation & Planning

Does the business have a bike coordinator (full, part-time or volunteer) to help promote cycling?(Required)
Does the business set and evaluate annual goals to increase ridership among staff?(Required)
Does the business conduct commuter satisfaction surveys or have other means to collect feedback from staff about how to further improve?(Required)

Equity & Accessibility

Are all bicycling events, classes, and rides at the business designed to be inclusive and accessible to all?(Required)
Are bicycle facilities such as bike parking designed to accommodate all styles of bikes, including e-bikes, adaptive cycles, and cargo bikes?(Required)
Does the business proactively engage new and potential cyclists by offering Learn-to-Ride classes, a bike buddy or mentor program, and/or beginner rides?(Required)