How To Host a Seminar

Do you want to be able to call on more LCIs in your area to teach bike safety education? Consider hosting an LCI seminar. The League makes it easy to organize and host a seminar. If you are part of a bike advocacy organization, bike club, health agency, transportation agency, business, or non-profit, consider hosting an LCI seminar to encourage safer and more confident bicyclists (of all ages & abilities) in your community.

Follow these simple steps to learn more about hosting an LCI Seminar:

  1. Download the FAQs of hosting an LCI Seminar
  2. Download and review the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to understand the roles and responsibilities of the Site Facilitator of an LCI Seminar.
  3. E-mail a signed copy of the MOU to [email protected] or give us a call at 202-822-1333 to learn more. Our Education team would love to work with you!

*If you are organizing an LCI seminar in the state of Minnesota, please contact our partner group Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota by emailing [email protected]. They run an awesome locally-focused seminar in their state.

Watch our webinar on how to host an lci seminar