About Smart Cycling

A cycling education is empowering.

Teaching bicycling skills and building the confidence of riders, both new and experienced, has been a core activity of the Bike League since the 1970s. Virtually every state and local bicycling education program can trace its roots directly back to the League’s program, called Smart Cycling. Our education programs are designed to reach people of all ages and abilities by improving skills, building confidence, and training others to be teachers in their own communities.

Take a Class or Teach a Class

Whether you are a new rider looking for tips on making your first rides more comfortable or you are an experienced rider who wants to teach others how to love the ride, the League's Smart Cycling program has something for you to feel the joy of biking.

Whether you want to learn how to feel safer and more comfortable on your next bike commute or want to learn more about sharing the road, our tips and videos are a great place to start.

Have more questions? Does in-person learning appeal to you? Our certified League Cycling Instructors teach classes and offer one-on-one lessons in communities across America.

For Newer Riders

For Experienced Riders

Do you want to share the joy of biking with others in your community? Consider becoming a certified League Cycling Instructor, the premier national bicycling education certification program.