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The next application closes October 30, 2024 at 11:59pm PT. See the full schedule here.

Since the launch of the Bicycle Friendly Business Program in 2008:

businesses have applied
BFBs are currently certified
(as of May 2024)
employees and customers have given feedback on applicant businesses

Deserving businesses are recognized at the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels and all applicants receive valuable feedback and assistance in becoming more welcoming to bicycling.

Awarded businesses are recognized in a national press release, through the League's social media and on our interactive awards map.

Join hundreds of leading businesses from across the nation that are transforming their communities by creating more bicycle-friendly destinations and workplaces.

Apply to the program and see how bicycling can help your business create more energized, alert, and productive employees, decrease your healthcare costs, attract and retain top talent and draw more customers.


“The most positive outcome of TGH's support for bicycling is the positive impact it's had on the community-wide advancement of bike culture and multimodal travel overall. The hospital has engaged with all local bicycle stakeholders and safety advocates since first becoming BFB certified, including staff members becoming board members of local biking organizations." —Lana Pacheco, manager of parking, transportation and valet services, Tampa General Hospital (Gold)

“Planning for bicycle friendliness is new for our business. The BFB application provides many good ideas for upping our game that we'll be exploring in the coming months.”
—Kimberely Schwoerer, co-owner, Oasis Café (Bronze)

“I applied to the Bicycle Friendly Business program in order to get more resources for how we can be better. We have so much potential to check every single box on the application but it has been difficult to find the resources (both financial and knowledge-based) to help us get there.”
 —Jay Snowdon, business operations coordinator, Conservation Legacy (Bronze)

Recognized Businesses Across The U.S.