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New League materials bring even more fun to youth biking education

Bicycling should be fun, no matter what age you are. As we look for ways to foster fun while imparting biking skills among people of all ages, it is with great enthusiasm that the League is rolling out a new Youth Skills Instructor’s Manual and Youth Skills Kit to help League Cycling Instructors and their assistants teach youth and keep it FUN! 

Find a League Cycling Instructor in your area to lead a Youth Skills Clinic.

The new Youth Skills Instructor’s Manual is filled with guidance on things like:

  • How to run a youth clinic or bike rodeo 
  • Tips to organize and facilitate the clinic 
  • Responsibilities and roles for helpers/assistants
  • Learning objectives for each skill station
  • Adult/parent key takeaways
Click here to buy the Manual in the League store!

The Manual breaks down the clinic into nine stations, giving instructors measurements and diagrams on how to efficiently and safely stage each station. Learning objectives at each station are provided as well as key takeaways for parents and adults who are observing the class, plus there are scripts for the instructor and assistants to follow. It is a comprehensive manual for instructors to teach a full spectrum of bike education to youth. Whether it is kids just starting out on a bike or older kids ready to practice riding in traffic, this manual covers it all!  

The cost of one Manual is $10.00. Order 10 or more and get the bulk rate of $8.00 a piece. 

We hope that instructors and helpers will couple the Youth Manual with our new Youth Skills Kit. This kit will add valuable and fun takeaways and resources for participating youth and adults. 

Obviously, we think a biking education is fun in and of itself, BUT we also have a Youth Skills Kit full of even more fun. Each Youth Skills Kit includes 10 of the following:

  • Youth Progress Check Card
  • Fun Bike Sticker sheet(!!!!)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Bike pins
  • ABC Quick Check Bookmark
  • Smart Cycling Quick Guide (geared for adults)
Click here to buy the Kit in the League store!

The Youth Progress Check Card is a handy tool to offer your students feedback on their performance of the bike skills covered in the clinic/rodeo and things to work on at home. The assortment of bike stickers will delight all ages of youth… really anybody young or old who loves bikes! 

The Youth Skills Kit can be purchased from the League store for $30.  

It’s a cliche because it’s true: youth are our future. And if we want biking to be a big part of our future, that means showing young people that biking is a way to travel, transport, have fun, and enjoy oneself in the outdoors. Let’s teach them well! Visit our League store to purchase your Youth Skills Instructor’s Manual and Youth Skills Kit today!