Model Where To Ride Law

Where to Ride laws are an important part of a bicyclists’ right to the road because they regulate a bicyclists’ use of the road. In most states, the law that applies to bicyclists regarding road position starts with a variation of requiring a position as far to the right as “practicable.” The League's model law recognizes that the common "practicable" language is not clear enough for motorists, bicyclists, and others to understand how to behave appropriately.

It is our hope that the model law will make it easier to explain where bicyclists should ride to young riders, motorists, and law enforcement and enable bicyclists to make safe decisions about where to ride without disagreements over whether they can ride according to best practices for safe riding. If you have questions about the model law, similar laws, or how to advocate for this type of law please contact Ken at [email protected].