How To Research Tree Coverage In Your District

By bikeleague | March 23, 2022

Lobby Day at the 2022 National Bike Summit presents the chance to promote equitable climate provisions like the Healthy Streets program, which would help expand tree coverage to areas most affected by urban heat islands. Here’s how you can research tree coverage in your district.

Creating Safe Streets For People With Disabilities

By Raven Wells | December 3, 2021

Find out how #BikeSummit20 speaker Programs to Educate All Cyclists is advancing the movement for safer streets in 2022.

Reconnecting to the New Majority

By Lauren Jenkins | November 4, 2021

Today, the League releases a new report, “Reconnecting to the New Majority,” to update our understanding of demographic trends in bicycling, identify areas of focus to ensure that all people have access to safe bicycling.

League Cycling Instructor Seminar With Bike Cleveland

By Raven Wells | August 9, 2021

Another group of League Cycling Instructors join the movement to build a safe, inclusive and accessible Bicycle Friendly America for everyone through an LCI Seminar hosted by Bike Cleveland.

Amendments to INVEST Act Improve Equity and Street Safety

By bikeleague | July 1, 2021

As the House version of the transportation reauthorization bill, the INVEST in America Act is widely regarded as essential legislation. Its next step will be a conference committee.

QBP-Sponsored Scholarships for BIPOC to Train as League Cycling Instructors

By Lauren Jenkins | April 19, 2021

Quality Bicycle Products and the League of American Bicyclists announced today 40 scholarship opportunities for Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color who want to become League Cycling Instructors.

Decriminalization and data in Kansas City, Mo.

By Ken McLeod | April 13, 2021

In the absence of good data, advocates like BikeWalkKC are finding ways to make the case that decriminalizing biking and walking are good public policies.

Pedaling Toward a More Just BFA Program: Removing “Enforcement” from our Framework

By Amelia Neptune | October 5, 2020

It is time to rethink our approach to traffic safety.

New scholarship program expands access to LCI Seminars

By Alison Dewey | July 31, 2020

To reduce the barriers to bike education in underserved communities, the League is launching an Equity Scholarship Program which will offer approximately 40 full scholarships to people of color interested in teaching bike education courses in underserved communities.

Take action on equity in the next transportation bill

By Caron Whitaker | June 26, 2020

We have accomplished so much for people who bike in this bill. Help eensure the INVEST in America Act is the best reflection of building a Bicycle Friendly America truly for everyone.