An Interview with Black Girls Do Bike’s Founder Monica Garrison: 10 Years of BGDB

By Raven Wells | February 13, 2023

We asked Black Girls Do Bike’s founder Monica Garrison about the progress made over the past decade.

More States Receive Grants To Combat Racial Disparities In Ticketing

By Ken McLeod | November 30, 2022

In a win for advancing racial justice, improvements to the Section 1906 grant program allow more states to use the funding to develop programs to reduce racial profiling.

Meet Minnesota’s Newest League Cycling Instructors

By Raven Wells | November 3, 2022

Meet some of our newest League-certified ambassadors for better biking!

Six State DOTs Sign the Equity In Infrastructure Pledge

By Caron Whitaker | November 1, 2022

The Equity in Infrastructure Project (EIP) and its pledge promise to remove barriers to building infrastructure for small and disadvantaged businesses.

Equity & Accessibility Updates to the Bicycle Friendly Community Public Survey

By Amelia Neptune | October 24, 2022

We’re now able to offer BFC applicants a Spanish-language version of the BFC Public Survey to distribute in their community.

Meet Georgia’s Newest League Cycling Instructors

By Raven Wells | September 2, 2022

What inspires people to better their biking knowledge and teaching skills by becoming an LCI? Find out what participants of the Atlanta LCI seminar had to say.

Change Is Coming to the Bicycle Friendly Community Awards!

By Lauren Jenkins | July 18, 2022

This month, we launched a freshly revised and enhanced application for communities applying for and renewing Bicycle Friendly Community awards.

Enhanced Bicycle Friendly Community Application Raises Standards for Places Seeking Awards

By Lauren Jenkins | July 18, 2022

Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC) launches an enhanced application process.

Progress on Pretextual Policing

By Ken McLeod | June 10, 2022

A few weeks ago, the League and partner organizations joined an effort led by the Transportation Equity Caucus asking the Biden admin to end support for pretextual traffic stops.

Getting Serious About Bike Parking At Bike Summit 22

By Raven Wells | June 9, 2022

At Bike Summit 22, “Getting Serious About Bike Parking” presented innovative bike parking solutions and community efforts to provide secure and easy-to-use bike parking. Watch now!