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Meet Georgia’s Newest League Cycling Instructors

In 2021, the League partnered with Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) to offer LCI Seminar Equity Scholarships for Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color (BIPOC) who want to become League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) and host LCI Seminars specifically for BIPOC in select communities in an effort to further our mission to build a more representative LCI network. 

Given the inspiring number of people who want to become LCIs, and the many communities that could use more but don’t have the resources, the QBP-sponsored BIPOC LCI seminars continued into 2022 and were brought to non-QBP cities as well — this time in Atlanta, Georgia. The LCI seminar, hosted by Propel ATL, certified 11 new BIPOC LCIs in the Atlanta region. We love to see more bike educators joining our movement to build a safe and inclusive Bicycle Friendly America for everyone! Read our blog for a full recap of the Atlanta LCI seminar

We also love to hear what inspires people to better their cycling knowledge and teaching skills by becoming an LCI and what our newly-minted cycling educators look forward to achieving with their certification. Read below to find out what participants of the Atlanta LCI seminar had to say.

Anthony Allen

Since childhood, the freedom of riding a bicycle has always been a thrilling experience. Whether mountain, road, or trail. Each type of riding is unique, yet utilizes a similar skillset. My coaching style is open and adaptable, applying principles of yoga and mindfulness as methods of focus and redirection.

My new LCI certification allows me to provide the absolute highest level of knowledge and service for my clients.

I plan to grow my personal brand ([email protected]) by collaborating with community members and organizations and connecting my services to meet the needs of local residents. 

Cheri Atkins

I love both road biking for speed and mountain biking for the environment. One of my best experiences was coaching children by introducing them to mountain biking this summer. 

LCI James Tyler saw in me what I had been ignoring for years – I am a “natural teacher”. He noticed how I love to share my enthusiasm for bike riding and especially how to ride safely. 

I hope to share this gift by continuing to excite and teach children and adults the joys of safe biking and how to ride their bikes as a vehicle.

Jody Boyer

I am an outdoor enthusiast, who loves both road and off-road cycling. I am currently a Level One Coach with the Georgia Cycling Association for the South West Atlanta Composite Team.

Becoming an LCI allows me an even greater opportunity to teach safe cycling and to introduce more people to the world of cycling. 

I would like to use my LCI certification to advocate and educate about the future of self-driving vehicles and how cyclists can safely share the road with self-driving vehicles.

Michael Edwards

I have been riding consistently for the last 19 years both on and off-road. I prefer riding with small groups as I believe shared experiences are better. I am a follower of Christ, husband, mentor and friend.

I want to share my passion for this sport with our youth and their parents to get everyone involved and active in cycling. LCIs represent a standard in safe cycling knowledge and skills as well as boost the confidence of those in need of cycling instruction.

I hope to help more people than I can imagine to 1) grow to love cycling as I do, and 2) operate their bicycles in a safe manner on public roads and trails.

Janet Grier

I am the head coach of an award-winning youth chapter. One of only a few female head coaches for a chapter in the nation. I started my bike journey a little over three years ago and it has CHANGED MY LIFE.  

I wanted to be an LCI because I have seen firsthand the power of the bike. It has been transformative for our youth and as I work to get more kids on bikes, I want to do so safely.

I hope to recruit 10 more BIPOC coaches in the next three years by being a mentor and partner. I also hope this certification will allow me to teach more kids in the school system.

Anu Morton

I have been around bikes and cyclists my entire life as my father is an avid long-time cyclist. I was inspired not only by my parents who are LCIs but also because I realized that I have often taken for granted that I can ride a bike and have the basic skills and knowledge that most don’t when cycling.

I mountain bike and ride trails but I found value in the opportunity to learn more about road biking and commuting especially in the city. My experience was somewhat limited to distance group riding or on-campus commuting in college. 

I hope to teach people how to ride safely around others especially as cycling has become more popular in my city. I also hope to help individuals and groups with different abilities or health challenges that may not believe that they can ride. I want to educate them about the health benefits and longevity that cycling brings.

Eddie Rhodes

I’m a retired educator from The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and a current board member with “Thread”, the trail system here in LaGrange, Georgia. I also serve as the coach and coordinator of the BRAG (Bicycle Ride Across Georgia) Dream Team LaGrange chapter, as well as mountain bike coach with the Kids Bike League of the Georgia Hi-Lo Trails. I have been involved in serious cycling since 2007 and rode my first ride across the state with BRAG in 2008.

The mission of Dream Team is to “provide extraordinary cycling experiences for youth to dream beyond their circumstances and grow greater by the mile”. I hope to introduce more youth in the community to cycling, provide more bike camps and bike rodeos, and encourage young riders to get involved with safe cycling for recreation and sport.

Hopefully, by being involved in safe cycling and exposed to educational and cultural sites in the greater community our youth will grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally as young leaders.

Andre Rolle

I rededicated my life back to cycling about 20 years ago after riding a bike as a child.  Today, I have a tremendous love for cycling and I enjoy offering my experiences to others who want to embark on their bike journey.

I believe that becoming an LCI will give me the tools and knowledge that I need to spread awareness to others regarding cycling and bike safety. In addition, I believe it will allow me to better build partnerships with local biking organizations in the metropolitan area as well as teach youth the importance of bike safety. 

Michelle Veerasawmy-Dunbar

Born and raised in London, England, to Guyanese parents, I am the mother of one daughter and two bonus sons. My husband and I have two bicycle shops in the Atlanta region and have been in business for the past 12 years.

I went through a cycling course while in my first year of high school. I love to teach people how to ride and by joining the seminar I wanted to elevate my teaching skills to teach others how to maneuver in traffic while riding in our city.

My hope is to get any and all who are willing to learn to ride a bicycle on all our different roads in and throughout our city and state, without being fearful of traffic and vehicles.