The Life and Legacy of Marshall “Major” Taylor: Join our webinar and take action to honor his achievements 

By Lauren Jenkins | May 16, 2024

Major Taylor was the first superstar of cycling. He was known as the fastest man on a bike and was a global phenomenon at a time when telegrams were the…

Carving out Space with Austin Killips

By Marlee Townsend | March 31, 2024

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating women who are currently shaping cycling history. One such figure is Austin Killips, who holds the title of being “the first transgender…

Mattapan on Wheels: Sparking Change in Their Community

By Marlee Townsend | March 4, 2024

It’s no secret that the power of the bicycle is transformative. Communities nationwide are taking innovative approaches to spark local change for better bicycling, and seeing incredible results. This is…

30 Equity Scholarships for Aspiring LCIs Now Available

By Bike League | February 28, 2024

The League of American Bicyclists is excited to announce the availability of 30 Equity Scholarships for aspiring League Cycling Instructors. In striving to achieve our mission of building a Bicycle…

Progress towards Safer Streets and Roads for the Navajo Nation

By Bike League | December 6, 2023

One of the new programs created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant program, something we applauded at the time and subsequently,…

A Wisconsin Junket With Minority Mountain Bikers

By Connor Herbert | August 4, 2023

Earlier this year we shared an interview with the founder of Minority Mountain Bikers (MMB), Harry Hill. ast week, two BIPOC League staff members, Jamil and I,  joined MMB for…

A weeklong challenge to see mobility from a new perspective

By Lauren Jenkins | June 28, 2023

You’ve heard of our “Drive Less, Bike More” but have you heard of our friends’ “Week Without Driving”? The Disability Mobility Initiative at Disability Rights Washington started the weeklong challenge…

International Women’s Day: Why Bicycles Really Matter

By Raven Wells | March 8, 2023

Karen Miltner, a tour specialist at WomanTours (a Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Business!), recognizes the importance of bicycles in women’s empowerment.

An Interview With Harry Hill: Founder of Minority Mountain Bikers

By Jamil Modaffari | March 2, 2023

Minority Mountain Bikers brings together seasoned and new BIPOC mountain bikers for events like the Bentonville Bike Week.

Attend Bike Summit 23 For They Were Seeds: The Buried Legacy of Black Wheelwomen

By Raven Wells | February 22, 2023

We chatted with Keshia Roberson, founder of Major Knox Adventure, to learn a little more about the motivation behind the upcoming Summit session.