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Getting Serious About Bike Parking At Bike Summit 22

In the League’s 2021 report, Reconnecting to the New Majority, we asked people in a survey what actions would get them to ride more. The #1 action identified by Black people and the second most important action identified by Hispanic people indicated was more secure bike parking. The presence of secure bike parking not only shows thought was put into considering those who make more trips by bike, it can also motivate more people to choose to go places on bikes and atone for the underinvestment that has inhibited the development of a transportation system that serves all people. 

At the hybrid 2022 National Bike Summit, which featured sessions centered around bettering bicycling in your community, business or university now and into the future, “Getting Serious About Bike Parking” presented innovative bike parking solutions and community efforts to provide secure and easy-to-use bike parking. Bike parking is important to Black and Hispanic/Latinx communities, it should be just as important to bike advocates and community leaders. 

There to lead the discussion of “Getting Serious About Bike Parking” was Kristin Bennett, transportation engineering projects manager for the City of Grand Rapids, MI, and Shabazz Stuart, founder & CEO of Oonee. Oonee offers innovative, secure and affordable bike parking, and Ooneepod models in New York City were featured in the League’s Winter 2022 magazine when Bicycle Friendly America program director Amelia Neptune celebrated our favorite bike parking examples from across the country. 

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Topics Covered During “Getting Serious About Bike Parking”:

  • How to streamline city-led public bicycle parking and where to focus efforts
  • Understanding biking deterrents i.e. concerns over bike theft. Lack of secure bike parking ranks as the second biggest deterrent to bike usage in New York City.
  • Mobility trends: bike parking is an in-demand amenity
  • Bike parking models including those that accommodate different types and sizes of bikes, as well as examples of maintenance and security

Remember: Communities, businesses and universities are all built differently and don’t have the same capacity or needs when it comes to bike parking. That’s why the League emphasizes “meeting people where they are” by providing tips and feedback on bike parking that fits the needs of that space or place for those who apply to our Bicycle Friendly America program

Okay. Ready to get serious about bike parking? Watch the summit session recording below to get started!