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Take part in the first ever National Ride A Bike Day

We think today, Earth Day, is the perfect day to start thinking about Bike Month and the many ways we can all begin incorporating biking into our lives. Whether you’re already a daily rider or you’re still just biking curious, Bike Month offers a host of reasons and ways to think about biking there. Where’s there? Well, try biking to the store or to meet a friend. Try biking to your next errand or to the ice cream shop. Try biking for fun or fitness, whether it’s around the block or your first fifty miler. 

Visit our Bike Month page for more guides and promotional materials for May

As the League looks to kick off Bike Month in May, we’re launching a new day to celebrate the joy of biking. 

On Sunday, May 2, 2021, join the League and the millions of Americans who bike for the inaugural National Ride a Bike Day. Let’s spend the first Sunday of every Bike Month rediscovering that simple joy of riding a bike! 

We firmly believe that life is better for everyone when more people ride bikes. On National Ride A Bike Day, let’s all ride bikes together, wherever we are and at our own pace, to take part in a collective action and kick start making life better for everyone. 

There are so many reasons to bike: because riding a bike is fun! Because riding a bike brings us joy, health, and happiness. Because when more people ride bikes, life is better for everyone. And because when all of us who ride bikes ride together on National Ride A Bike Day, we can show our neighbors and our leaders why making it easier, safer, and more accessible to ride a bike is so important to so many people. 

On Earth Day, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention an important one: a recent study found that when an individual replaces one car trip per day with a bike trip, that person reduces their carbon emissions from transportation by 67 percent. Just one small change in your daily life can mean you are contributing to a healthier future for our planet and nation. 

Celebrating National Ride A Bike Day is simple: go for a ride — any ride. Whether it’s a short trip on a bikeshare bike or a double century, any way you choose to ride a bike is the right way to ride a bike. 

We hope you’ll join us on Sunday, May 2, for National Ride A Bike Day and then keep the celebration of biking going throughout Bike Month in May. 

Get Social

Now: Share the news that May 2 is the first ever National Ride A Bike Day! Use the graphics below to get the word out about #BikeDay.


On May 2: Share that you took part in National Ride A Bike Day on social media! Post a photo of your bike ride on social media and include the hashtag #BikeDay and tag @BikeLeague! 

Keep Riding During Bike Month 

All May, you can join the League in celebrating May as National Bike Month in a number of ways: 

  • Bike down the block or bike to brunch – discover and promote simple ways to add biking into your life and share your discovery by tagging #BikeThere. 
  • Sign up for the National Bike Challenge and log your miles as part of a global movement!
  • Connect with local Bike To Work Week events, May 17-23, and Bike To Work Day events, May 21. Find your local bike advocacy organization on the League’s Bike Map. 
  • Take action to make biking better with the League by following us on social media.
  • Share local events and encouragement for others to try biking. Share our basic biking tips videos to help others gain the confidence to add biking to their daily activities.
  • Find other local rides and groups to connect with during Bike Month – use the League’s Bike Map to find bike clubs, bike advocacy organizations, local bike shops, and other bike-centric organizations near you.