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Why We’re Thankful for Bikes!

Gathering with family, eating a good meal — Thanksgiving is about reflection and gratitude. Here at the League, bikes have benefited our lives in many different ways, but we all share an appreciation for how traveling on two wheels has taken us places we want to go.

So, in honor of the holiday, I asked my colleagues to finish the sentence “I’m grateful for my bike…” Here’s what they shared:

Alison Dewey:
I’m grateful for my bike because with three small kids, commuting to work is often my only chance to ride. My youngest will see a cyclist and say “Mama.”  I am grateful they are growing up knowing bikes can be used for transportation and for fun.

Darren Flusche:
I’m grateful for my bike for being the most fun and efficient way to get around my city. There’s no better way to go.

Elizabeth Kiker:
I’m grateful for my bike for powering me from a soul-deadening job to one I love wholly and enjoy absolutely. Without the freedom and inspiration that my bike provided me, I would have never ended up working at the League of American Bicyclists. Thanks, beloved bike!

Ken McLeod:
I’m grateful for my bike because it helps me explore and be active.

Bill Nesper:
I am grateful for my bike giving me a way to get to where I want to go, exercise, save money and have quiet time all at once.

Hamzat Sani:
I’m grateful for my bike introducing me to new avenues of life both literally and figuratively. Without my bike I wouldn’t have the breadth and depth of relationships I’ve shared with people or know where to find the best vintage shop in Atlanta.

Nicole Wynands:
I’m grateful for my bike because it allows me to experience my community up close and to notice details and nuances along the way that I would otherwise miss.

Why are you grateful for your bike?


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