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Our 2023 Advocacy and Education Award Winners

By Lauren Jenkins | March 29, 2023

The National Bike Summit is an amazing opportunity to bring people together and learn from one another. It’s also a great opportunity to honor the people who have made a…

Five Great Reasons to “Drive Less, Bike More”

By Raven Wells | July 12, 2022

There are so, so many reasons to park your car and jump on your bike for your next trip, and we’ve put together a list of five reasons to “Drive Less, Bike More.”

LCI Spotlight: Will Wlizlo

By Raven Wells | May 16, 2022

Meet Will Wlizlo, bike educator and Safe Routes to School Coordinator in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What Every Driver Should Know About Sharing the Road

By Raven Wells | May 11, 2022

Here are 5 must-watch videos from our series of new dual-language Bicycle Friendly Driver videos.

The League and Doordash Release 13 New Dual-language Smart Cycling Videos

By Raven Wells | May 1, 2022

Thanks to our partners at DoorDash, we just released 13 NEW dual-language Smart Cycling videos!

Honoring World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

By Raven Wells | November 19, 2021

On Sunday, November 21st, World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, we honor the lives lost and lives changed by traffic violence and call on the action of people at every level to Remember. Support. and Act to create safer streets.

“Drive Less, Bike More” Rides 1 Million Miles!

By Raven Wells | October 29, 2021

It’s official: we’re now over 1 million miles of car trips turned bike trips in our “Drive Less, Bike More” campaign!

Separated Bike Lanes, Automated Vehicles, and the MUTCD

By Ken McLeod | April 29, 2021

Separated bike lanes should absolutely be promoted in documents like the MUTCD and the safety, comfort, and convenience of people biking should be the reasons for doing so.

Buttigieg and Biden talk Infrastructure

By Caron Whitaker | April 1, 2021

While the bicycling community can be almost giddy to see Secretary Buttigieg or the president actually riding a bike, we rarely hear a president talk about bicycling, or even transit for that matter.

Presenting our 2021 Award winners

By Lauren Jenkins | March 20, 2021

Our annual awards are always a special event, one where we get to recognize the leaders of the bike movement and listen to what we can learn from them. This…