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Update on bike bans

The fight continues in St. Charles County

The battle to stop the proposed bike ban in St. Charles County, MO continues. As previously noted, bill no. 3620 banning bikes from Highways D, DD, F and Z and Highway 94 southwest of 40 was tabled after strong opposition at the last County Council meeting. Since that meeting, advocates in Missouri and the region, including Patty Vinyard of St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation, have met with Councilmember Joe Brazil and other County leaders. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

The council is to take up the issue again at a work session Monday. After meeting with some bicycling activists, Brazil says he’s open to alternatives such as imposing the ban only on more dangerous stretches of the roads or just requiring bicyclists to take special precautions in those areas.

“We’re just trying to come up with the best thing, the right thing and the most effective thing to do,” Brazil said.

The League, Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation, local cyclists and even the Missouri Department of Transportation hold fast in that such a ban would not only be unjust, but also illegal. The editorial board of St. Louis Post-Dispatch agrees “We understand their [the motorists] frustration, but bicyclists have the law on their side. This is a safety issue, so there should be room for compromise. There certainly is room for greater understanding and less hostility.” If safety is the shared concern here, then why are the County Council and local Sherrif’s Department dismissive when the subject of enforcing speed limits on these windy country roads come up? Compromise should not mean that cyclists just give up less.

All readers — Let St. Charles County leaders know that bicycling is an important to their County and should be encouraged, not banned. Sign the online petition, particularly if you live in Missouri, here.

St. Charles County residents — take further action by sending messages to your County Councilmember here.

Black Hawk Ban Moves to Court

Black Hawk, CO’s ban on bicycling is still in effect, and after weeks of discussions with state advocates and cyclists from around the state and country, city leaders have closed public comment. The ban now moves to court, where many of those who have received tickets will try to have them thrown out. Arraignment is expected in late August for a September to October court date.

Cyclists, especially those in Colorado, are encouraged to show their opposition to this unjust ban by signing the online petition here. For those wanting to help more, you can donate to help with the legal efforts here.

Photo from Bicycle Colorado

Photo from Bicycle Colorado

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