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Tour de Politics

As bicyclists and advocates, we spend a fair amount of time with our attention paid to the political world, to promote policies that foster better bicycling conditions. It is less common that the political world turns its attention to bicycling. The Tour de France, this year, has attracted at the notice of at least some politicos. The National Journal’s Hotline On Call shows us the parallels between today’s politics and bicycling. Which cyclist best embodies Nancy Pelosi’s spirit? Which pol has Lance Armstrong’s fierceness?


— Alberto ContadorNancy Pelosi. A very good run over the last several years, but with many enemies made along the way. Still the most talented player. Has to be considered the odds-on favorite based on past history.

— Andy SchleckEric Cantor. Young, aggressive, talented. But still finding the right way to victory. Needs a bit more experience to become dominant, but definitely with the raw talent to pull off something big.

— Lance ArmstrongRahm Emanuel. Lance may be from Texas, but he is like Rahm — a classically trained practitioner of “The Chicago Way.” Fair, fierce, loyal and willing to do whatever it takes, and God help you if you cross them.

— Cadel EvansJim DeMint. A damn hard guy to figure out. Clearly able to do some amazing stuff and his supporters are fiercely loyal. But most folks find him … well, odd.

— Ivan BassoChuck Schumer. So talented, so cool, so good on his feet. Everything about him just screams “talent” and “natural.” Oh, and getting into trouble seems to slide right off him.


— Phil LiggettChris Matthews. Amazing ability to talk, amazing insight into the race, amazing willingness to say baffling stuff that makes you laugh and shake your head.

— Paul SherwynChuck Todd. The young balance to the crazy old guy. Laser-sharp, with keen insight and all the good stories thanks to a non-stop desire for good anecdotes.

— Bob RollJames Carville. It really doesn’t matter if what he says is useful or insightful (and it often is) because how he says it is so damn entertaining.

Read the whole thing.

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