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School is Out, Bike Safety Class is On

School is out and summer is upon us, which means more kids on bikes more of the time. So when James Becker, a junior at a nearby high school, wrote and asked if I could help out with a kid’s bike education class, I didn’t hesitate.

We gathered on Monday at the local fire station. The parking lot was full of bright orange cones as I arrived, coolers were full or juice boxes, and kids were arriving eager to learn. Becker and his classmate Alex Van Hollen were in the midst of a two-week series of kid bike safety education classes. Various LCI’s throughout Maryland were lending a hand to help out throughout the multiple classes.

It was evident that Becker and Van Hollen were serious about making a difference in their community. Becker spent much of his youth in Denmark and after moving to the United States was surprised to see how few people considered bikes a viable transportation option. So as a community service initiative through a high school leadership program, he and Van Hollen teamed up to teach kids about bike safety. The class was a success.

Nine children brimmed with excitement on their bikes as we went through drills to practice turning, signaling, scanning, and balancing. Helmet fit, ABC Quick Check, and “Do’s and Don’ts” of riding were also on the agenda. The class was organized, attitudes were positive, and all students and teachers had a good time.

I left feeling optimistic about America’s youth and encouraged by the initiative two teenagers had taken to improve their community for bicycling.

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