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Rumble Strip Campaign Progress

Thanks to all who responded to our action alert on rumble strips- you have helped get the attention of state transportation agencies across the country. We’ve had some great results:

  • Pennsylvania DOT is now working with our colleagues at Pennsylvania Walks and Bikes on a strategy and timeline to remediate improperly installed rumbles along the state’s highways.
  • Ohio DOT is now reaching out to advocates in the state for input on a new edgeline rumble stripe guidance and the issue has even picked up some relatively pro-bike press.
  • Maryland and Oregon are reaching out to us and state advocates for input on updates to their policies.
  • Arkansas Dept. of Highways Chief Engineer stated at a conference that  they would be clarifying current guidance and developing improved policy- citing response from cyclists as the motivation.

And the list could go on. Yet despite these improvements and new opportunities to have our voices heard, we must keep the pressure up and be vigilant that even where there are good policies in place, that they are followed correctly. Not everyone has won their battle on rumble strips yet. For example, Kansas cycling advocates continue to push for improvements and have created their own action alert here. Also, fresh off some big campaign victories the League of Michigan Bicyclists are making rumble strips one of their priorities.

We’d also be remiss not to mention states like Arizona, Maine, Tennessee, Wisconsin and others who were doing the right thing already, and have led the way on improved designs, creating model practices for us to share with other state. You can read about them in our Advocacy Advance report Bicycles and Rumble Strips- Problems for Cyclists .

Our work also continues at the federal level. The League, Alliance, Adventure Cycling and USA Cycling have collectively been working to improve FHWA guidance and leadership on the issue. FHWA has sent emails to state field staff reminding them of their guidance on accommodating cyclists when planning for rumble strips. We are also pushing for an improved technical advisory regarding rumbles. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

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