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New scholarship program expands access to LCI Seminars

Being on a bike brings us joy, but there is a feeling we’ve found that is even better than our own bike joy: empowering others to experience bike joy. Just ask any of our League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) about the smiles and skills that develop during a Smart Cycling class. 

One of the last pre-pandemic LCI Seminars in 2020!

Empowering more people with an on-bike education gets to the heart of the League’s vision of a nation where everyone recognizes and enjoys the many benefits and opportunities of bicycling. But our LCI Seminars have not always been accessible to everyone in communities that want to get more people on bikes. We’ve heard things like: “…the said fee is [too] much for the underserved who most need biking safety in defeating weight gain, poor eating habits, stress, etc. While biking is a fun ‘sport’ for some groups, it is a life-saver for underserved populations.”

To reduce the barriers to bike education in underserved communities, the League is launching an Equity Scholarship Program to increase the accessibility of LCI Seminars. Through the program, the League will offer approximately 40 full scholarships to people of color interested in teaching bike education courses in underserved communities. 

Scholarships will be available nationwide and administered through an application process to LCI candidates either working through a local bicycling, transportation, and/or community health organization or to independent LCI candidates interested in increasing bike education in their community. The scholarship application will be open later this year and will be promoted through our communication channels. We anticipate most of the scholarships will be distributed in 2021. 

In launching the Equity Scholarship Program, we are thrilled to have the support of Be Good Foundation’s fundraising efforts through Rebecca’s Private Idaho Challenge. Rebecca’s Private Idaho began as legendary pro cyclist Rebecca Rusch’s way to bring the community of people who bike to experience her hometown and give back. This year, Rebecca’s Private Idaho is being reimagined and people across the world are being challenged to create their own RPI Challenge Experience—from wherever they are biking—together creating a global opportunity to participate and fundraise for organizations like the League, the Bahati Foundation, and others working to make life better for everyone by getting more people on bikes. 

  • Join the #RPIChallenge and help the League expand access to bike education (the fundraising campaign has ended – our thanks to everyone who gave!)  

If you have questions or comments related to Smart Cycling or the Equity Scholarship Program, please contact us at [email protected]