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New League Staff: Ariell Heacox

Last week, we introduced you to Ken McLeod, our new legal expert here at the League. But he’s not the only new face in our office.

With Katie Omberg focused on stepping up the National Bike Summit and National Bike Challenge in 2013, Ariell Heacox (pictured right, blue shirt) is stepping in to help with membership. So what’s her story? Keep reading…

What’s your first memory of riding a bike?

My first memory of riding a bike was when my dad was teaching my brothers how to ride in our sunny Southern California cul-de-sac. I always wore these pink leg warmers that were more for style than for the weather (and to help me slow down, just in case the brakes gave out). My dad was heavy into cycling then, so he used to take the whole family on hilly rides so that he could train.

Where did you go to school and what did you study? Did you ride a bike during your college years?

I went to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. I was a history major and studied abroad in Italy, as well. I had a bike, which I used to bike to swim practice and class. In Italy, the city where I studied (Ferrara) was known for its bikes. It was de rigueur to have one, instead of walking like most Italian cities.

What drew you to work for the League?

I liked the mission of working towards a greater change. Biking should be difficult and challenging athletically, but not logistically!

What will you be doing for the League? Are you looking forward to working with our members?

I will be the Membership and Education Assistant. I’ll be answering member questions, assisting with education programs, and processing membership updates. I look forward to meeting and speaking with members from every state!

Do you ride a bike now?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a bike now. But, I look forward to getting one in the very near future so that I can explore the D.C. region. I’d like to go on wandering adventures once I have my bike.

Welcome, Ariell!

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