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LCI Spotlight: Tom Pogson

The League has been teaching and certifying League Cycling Instructors for decades. With more than 3,500 LCIs across the country, the League’s bike education curriculum is ubiquitous. We’re highlighting some of the great work our LCIs are doing in communities from coast to coast. 

Tom Pogson, a Kodiak Island, Alaska, resident, has been an LCI since February 2014. We asked him a few questions to learn more about his take on bicycle education and some of his favorite teaching moments. 

What drew you to the Smart Cycling program and to become an LCI?

Improving my effectiveness as a Safe Routes to School coordinator in the Kodiak Island Borough.

What’s your bike story?

Rode since I was 5 or six, rode extensively in college in Portland, Oregon, and extensively in graduate school in Fairbanks, Alaska, mainly commuting, but for general transportation as well. 

What’s your favorite thing about being an LCI?

Helping people of all walks of life increase their self-reliance on active transportation and all the fun it is to teach traffic law & bike skills. Helping kids develop their safety skills. 

Do you have a favorite teaching story?

Taught some TS 101 courses for parents and community members that then formed a team to help put on a community-wide bike rodeo. I’ve been invited to teach cycling to middle school students this year! 

What’s the hardest part about being an LCI?

Bike infrastructure and bike safety awareness in Alaska and Kodiak specifically is not great, it’s a pretty lonely and challenging chore to ride on a regular basis and promote safety awareness and improvements to infrastructure here.

To learn more about the League’s Smart Cycling program and how to become a League Cycling Instructor, visit