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Cyclist hit by car, VA State Trooper charges driver

We often receive calls and emails about cyclists being buzzed from motorists. We’ve experienced this ourselves, and it’s particularly scary and infuriating when it happens intentionally. It’s why we support 3-foot or greater passing laws and enhanced penalties for motorists and passengers who taunt or harass cyclists. Finding the perpetrators can be tough and having enough evidence for officers to bring charges is even tougher. Not so in Abigdon, VA:

J.W. Kiser was pedaling along at about 15 mph near the Emory & Henry campus when a maroon car full of teenagers pulled up right beside him. He thought they were trying – successfully – to scare him.

Then they brushed his bright green bicycle. He wobbled, but managed to stay upright as the car sped away.

Angry, Kiser trailed after them. He figured they were probably students, so he cycled around the campus parking lots. In one (loop), around 200 yards from where he’d been hit, he found it – a maroon Chrysler sedan with Florida tags and bright green paint all the way down its side. He took pictures and called the police.

When a Virginia State trooper arrived, Emory & Henry student Joseph Earle, 19, was charged with reckless driving and, later, hit and run with property damage, 1st Sgt. M.R. Willis said.

Kudos to Mr. Kiser for keeping a cool head and handling the situation properly by calling the police- and a job well done to the VA State Trooper who responded.

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