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Bike Advocacy Essentials Webinar: E-Bike Impact Calculator  

How do bike advocates influence change? One essential tactic is storytelling through data, but quantitative evidence can be hard to come by. Even if you can find data to back up your talking points, it’s rarely tailored to your specific location and situation making it tough to convince decision-makers to act. 

With this in mind, we’re excited to share a new tool – the E-Bike Environment and Economics Impact Assessment Calculator – to help you assess and demonstrate the potential environmental and economic benefits of getting more people to ride e-bikes in your city. Created by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), the calculator allows you to input local variables like budget, timeline, and goals to calculate specific measurable outcomes for the climate and your community. 

For advocates, this means on-demand access to data-driven arguments. Specifically, the calculator models two impact assessment scenarios: replacing a percentage of short vehicle trips with e-bike trips and assessing the impacts of city e-bike incentive programs.

Both models produce compelling figures – giving insight into reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled. The calculator also quantifies the economic benefits of e-bikes, providing data on how much money e-bikes can save consumers. 

Join the League and the RMI team on Wednesday, January 24th from 3-4pm EST/1-2pm PST to learn how you can use this tool to boost your local advocacy efforts. We can’t wait to see how the E-Bike Impact Calculator will empower bike advocates and encourage local decision-makers to invest in strategies for more sustainable and connected communities. 

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