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State of Speed Bills in 2023: Slower Speeds Create Safer Streets for Cyclists

By Jamil Modaffari | August 18, 2023

America’s roads are deadly – for everyone. In 2021, an estimated 42,915 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes. This was a 16-year high and consistent with a decade of…

State Legislatures Pass Mixed Bag of Bike Bills in 2023

By Jamil Modaffari | August 3, 2023

As we’ve passed the halfway point of 2023, state legislatures are winding down for the year. According to Ballotpedia, by June 30th all but nine state legislative sessions were closed.…

2023 State Bike Bills: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly

By Jamil Modaffari | March 9, 2023

Do you know what cycling-related bills are being debated in your state legislature? We reviewed some of the good, bad, and ugly bills in 2023.

Webinar Replay: How to Write a Letter to the Editor

By AnnaT | March 6, 2023

On Friday, March 3rd, the League hosted “Bike Advocacy Essentials: How to Write a Letter to the Editor”. Watch the recording now.

Minnesota Cycling Advocate Honored With Legislation

By bikeleague | March 3, 2023

We hope William (Bill) Dooley’s commitment to bettering bicycling will live on through the Bill Dooley Bicycle Safety Act.

Did Your State Get An Earmark For Better Bicycling Infrastructure?

By Caron Whitaker | January 13, 2023

See which Community Designated Projects are in your state and if your member of Congress supported them.

Why can’t my street’s speed limit be changed?

By Raven Wells | January 13, 2023

How does one slow down roads? In most cases, that’s up to the states. Learn the two biggest barriers to local governments setting safer speed limits.

More States Receive Grants To Combat Racial Disparities In Ticketing

By Ken McLeod | November 30, 2022

In a win for advancing racial justice, improvements to the Section 1906 grant program allow more states to use the funding to develop programs to reduce racial profiling.

How Seattleites Slowed Their Streets

By Raven Wells | November 28, 2022

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Coalition shares how they have made impressive progress in slowing their streets, not only through “20 is Plenty” speed limits but in redesigning streets as well.

Sign Our Petition And Join Our Demand For Safe Streets For All

By Raven Wells | November 21, 2022

Please sign our Safe Streets for All petition and together, we’ll take action to save lives by designing and signing our roads for slower driving speeds.