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Autonomous Vehicles and Bicycles: This is why we’re here

Perhaps no new technology is more hotly debated in transportation circles than autonomous vehicles. Whether you envision a near future of 100% legally-compliant, error-free driving or a dystopia of distant commutes and no place for bikes, autonomous vehicles are coming. In several places, they’re already here!

While the League supports the development of this technology and agrees that it has the potential to greatly reduce the traffic injuries and fatalities attributed to distracted driving, speeding and other behaviors, we also believe that these vehicles must meet some basic safety standards before being deployed in large numbers on our streets.

Summer Fund

This is why we’re coming to you, dear reader, supporter and advocate, to ask that you keep us going this summer through a one-time or monthly gift. We wouldn’t have the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill without your support, and we know you agree that it matters more than ever. For this campaign, we’re offering donors our limited-edition HydroFlask bottle!

The League is calling for a standardized performance test, or “vision test,” that measures an automated vehicle’s ability to recognize and respond to vulnerable road users, including bicyclists and pedestrians.

Strong testing of automated vehicle technology has the potential to help reduce these risks, but only if vehicle manufacturers are held accountable to build and test their vehicles to recognize and respond to vulnerable users.

The League is the only national bike organization working to ensure your safety in light of autonomous vehicles, partnering with advocacy groups from across the transportation spectrum like Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. In addition to our work directly on Capitol Hill, the League is activating our network of hundreds of thousands of bicyclists across the country to demand action from lawmakers to ensure all vehicles can safely detect bicyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Of course, we’re not stopping there. Our Federal Advocacy team is working tirelessly to protect your right to the road:

Advancing policy through online campaigns: We’re working hand-in-hand with our network of advocates in locally-driven campaigns as well. From e-bike legislation in New York to five-foot passing in Michigan to our action to save TIGER funding as well as the Bike Commuter Benefit, we’re moving the dial at all levels legislation.

Connecting advocates on Capitol Hill: Every year at the National Bike Summit, the League connects local advocates to their Senators and Representatives face-to-face with specific policy asks in our famed ‘Lobby Day.’ For most, this is their first experience directly lobbying congress. If you’ve participated before, you know how powerful this experience is and how locally impactful the results can be. This year, Summit participants met with over half of Congress in support of improved funding and policies to make bicycling better for all!

Our newest publication: The League is producing the newly-updated Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2018 Benchmarking Report with support from the CDC. This tool is the definitive statistical analysis of biking and walking in the U.S. and will aid advocates, city decision makers and legislators as they seek quantitative rationale for advancing non-motorized transportation in their communities.

Keep us going this summer with a one-time or monthly gift today. We’ll turn your support into a demand for change on Capitol Hill.

Summer Fund

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