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Veronica Davis is Back at the 2024 National Bike Summit

The League is stoked to announce that Veronica O. Davis will be joining us as a plenary speaker at the 2024 National Bike Summit! We’re proud to say this is not her first rodeo – Veronica first joined us at the 2013 Summit and blew us away with her wit, warmth, and insight. We’re so excited to once again share space with this esteemed author and seasoned transportation expert.

You may know her as the author of Inclusive Transportation

Veronica O. Davis, P.E. describes herself as a transportation guru, and it’s true – she has 20 years of professional experience as a planner, engineer, and a dedicated advocate for mobility justice. 

Recently, she published her first book, Inclusive Transportation, about the need for designing transportation networks that take everyone into account. We’re excited to share that we’ll have 125 copies of Inclusive Transportation up for grabs for Summit attendees!

In the book, Veronica writes, “We have a choice of whether to continue to use the old tools of our predecessors or to shift the paradigm to right historical injustices by designing a network that is inclusive of all people while also preparing for the future. We have an opportunity to shape our future.” 

We couldn’t agree more. 

At the League, we strive to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone, improving lives and strengthening communities through bicycling. Our vision for the future is inclusive – one where everyone has the opportunity to bike for transportation, good health, and the pure joy and freedom it brings. 

At the 2024 National Bike Summit, bike advocates from across the country will gather in Washington, DC, to shape our future together. We’re looking forward to hearing from Veronica about her vision for a more inclusive transportation network and how our grassroots community can mobilize to create change for better biking. 

We got to ask Veronica a few questions about her story and we can’t wait to hear more at the Summit. 


Give us a snippet of your story. How did your journey as a transportation guru begin?

 It started before I was born! My dad worked for Urban Mass Transportation Administration (Federal Transit Administration predecessor) and my mom went into labor picking him up at the building. Both of my parents worked in the transportation industry – my dad was a civil engineer and my mom was in training and development. 

You joined us at the National Bike Summit in 2013 and 2018. What have been your favorite parts of previous Summits, and what are you looking forward to seeing this year? 

The best part about the summit is reconnecting with people worldwide. Over the years it has been great to see the evolution of the conversation and increasingly more diversity in the bicycle advocacy world. 

Our theme for this year’s summit is Slow Roads Save Lives because we believe slower roads and streets build stronger communities, better business, and safer biking. As a transportation planner, what benefits do you see in slowing down? 

I hoped one lesson from the pandemic would’ve been to slow down. Take a breath and slow down. When we slow down we can take in more around us. We can see people walking on the street. We can see businesses to patronize. We are less likely to be agitated by minor inconveniences.

Community engagement is a big focus of your book, Inclusive Transportation. In your work with communities across the nation, what are the best ways to get more people on board with biking? 

Bike to work is awesome and it has grown over the years. However, it can be hard to convert people to biking to work. The best way is to focus on the short trips that people make such as to the park, to ice cream, or to the post office. Encouraging people to bike to big events where parking is going to be difficult, but make sure to offer bike valet.

Let’s wrap up on a fun one! You’ve said that communities should be designed so that a ten-year-old child should be able to navigate themselves safely and independently. What would your younger self envision in her dream community?

Ten-year-old me grew up in an ideal community. I share in my book that I grew up in Maplewood, NJ. It is a bedroom community outside of New York City that was built before cars. I would bike to meet my friends in the park. Then we would go get ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

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