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Sponsor Spotlight: FLIR

As we prepare for the 2014 National Bike Summit, we’ve reached out to our generous sponsors to ask: What speaks to you about bicycling? What excites you about the Summit? Here, we hear from Dan Sincavage, Business Development Manager for FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems. 

When we think about bicycling, so much more comes to mind beyond the action itself. Bicycling can be a means for going places, or an outlet for getting lost. Bicycling can be a morning commute to work, or an afternoon escape from the office. Bicycling can be an occasion for building friendships or an opportunity for self-reflection. Bicycling can bring the frustration of challenges and the triumph of overcoming them. No matter what bicycling means at any given time, it represents the potential for a greener, healthier, better tomorrow.

With so much riding on the future of bicycling, FLIR is committed to eliminating the concern for safety as an excuse for not riding a bike. Whether commuting to work, taking a joy ride with your kids, exploring a new city, or heading into town to grab groceries, no one should ever decide not to ride their bicycle out of a fear for their own safety. With this in mind, FLIR is focused on providing the multimodal data and detection needed to build a bicycle friendly America and a better tomorrow!   

2014 will be FLIR’s first year at the National Bike Summit and we could not be more excited to be part of such an extraordinary event. FLIR is focused on making our roadways safe for all modes of transportation. We recognize the importance of bringing advocates, engineers, planners, government employees and industry together in order to make any meaningful progress towards the achievement of this goal. From the looks of it, the National Bike Summit is the place to do this! Our technology represents a major breakthrough for bicycle safety and multimodal data acquisition, and this would not have been possible without input from all of the aforementioned groups of people. As such, we are excited for the opportunity to meet new friends and partners that will work alongside us to ensure the safety of all roadusers.

Thanks to Dan and FLIR — and all of our sponsors — for their support this year! If you haven’t yet registered for the National Women’s Bicycling Forum and National Bike Summit, don’t delay — sign up today!