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Shift Gears on Safety: Why Bike Education Matters (and How You Can Help)

You’ve probably heard it before: “oh, I couldn’t bike here, it’s too [fill in your town’s biggest barrier to biking.]” Hesitations about safety or about skills aren’t uncommon. Cycling can be intimidating, especially for beginners and people who have been away from it for a while. That’s where LCI seminars come in, empowering a network of educators to create a community of safer, more confident cyclists.

The League of American Bicyclists trains knowledgeable cyclists to become certified instructors, also known as League Cycling Instructors (LCIs). Through a three-day program, participants gain the knowledge and skills to teach the League’s comprehensive Smart Cycling curriculum.

The Smart Cycling curriculum includes cycling education for adults and youth, skills for people riding in a group for the first time, training for motorists on how to share the road, and tips for older adults and those getting on a bike for the first time. There is something in the curriculum for nearly every type and age of rider.

So, why is bike education so important? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Safety First: Learning the rules of the road, proper maneuvering techniques, and basic bike handling are crucial to avoid collisions with other people, whether on bikes or in cars, and becoming more aware of other trail and roadway hazards.  With cyclist deaths at an all-time high, traffic safety education serves as a preventative measure to protect all road users. 
  • Confidence Boost: Fear can be a major barrier to cycling. By understanding the basic traffic principles of cycling and mastering essential skills like the ABC Quick Check, new riders gain the confidence to explore their surroundings on two wheels further and more often.
  • More Riders, Stronger Movement: When more people ride bikes, life gets better for everyone. Every cyclist, whether on trails, bike paths, or roadways, adds strength to our movement. Bike education brings new cyclists in, fostering a larger, more inclusive cycling community to advocate for safer roads and better biking for everyone. 

Interested in becoming part of the movement? LCI seminars are open to anyone with a passion for cycling and a desire to empower others. The League offers scholarships to promote inclusivity, making the program accessible to a wider audience.

Even if you’re not ready to become an instructor, there are ways to get involved. Check out our website to see if there’s an upcoming Smart Cycling class near you! You’ll find classes designed for all ages and experience levels, from teaching kids the basics of bike safety to helping adults become comfortable riding in traffic.

Of course, not every location will always have a seminar or class available. Luckily, our online Learning Center provides 24/7 FREE access to basic bicycling education! Whether you are a League member or not, we want everyone to have free access to our online cycling education resources.

By prioritizing access to bike education whether on-bike or online, we can all contribute to a safer, healthier, and more Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your bike and join the ride!

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