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New League Strategic Plan

Sometimes organizational change is barely seen; subtle tweaks to existing programs or processes. At other times, organizations must embrace more dramatic shifts in approach, in velocity, in culture, signaling important changes to all who are affected by the organization and its mission.

In 2013, when we embarked on our strategic planning process, we were clear about our vision and the wide-spread benefits of bicycling — but needed to define a strong, clear leadership role for the League. Since 1880, the League has been the leader in bicycling advocacy. To meet our mission, we know it’s time for us to take bold steps — and help to shift the paradigm of the bicycle movement itself.

We know bicycling can help solve a range of societal problems: from declining health to an eroding environment, from economic inequality to transportation equity and access to jobs. But to resonate with more than just an enthusiastic core, we must make bicycling valuable to all people, to help make the bicycle a tool to help them achieve their goals and solve their most critical problems.

We must accept and embrace bicycling as a means to an end, and not only an end in itself. We want everyone to experience the League’s unspoken promise: Bicycling can help you overturn your obstacles and achieve your dreams. Bicycling matters to you, to society and to the country.

The League’s Board of Directors approved the organization’s new three-year strategic framework in early 2015. Download it here.