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A Chance to End Drunk Driving

By Ken McLeod | March 1, 2024

The 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) requires auto manufacturers to implement drunk driving prevention technology in new vehicles as early as 2026. It does so by directing…

Oppose harmful amendments to the Transportation Appropriations bill!

By Patti Donnelly | November 3, 2023

The Transportation Appropriations bill is coming up for a vote which means representatives will attempt to add amendments that weaken federal funding for bicycling safety.  We need you to take…

Webinar Recap: Slow Roads Save Lives

By Ken McLeod | September 25, 2023

People biking should get home safely, every time. But bicyclist deaths are at a 45-year high. The crisis of traffic violence on our roads needs solutions. One of those is…

Webinar Recap: Safer Bicycling through Stronger Car Safety 

By Marlee Townsend | August 8, 2023

The League is committed to making our roads safe for people who bike. To do that, we not only advocate for safer road designs and bike infrastructure, but also for…

A weeklong challenge to see mobility from a new perspective

By Lauren Jenkins | June 28, 2023

You’ve heard of our “Drive Less, Bike More” but have you heard of our friends’ “Week Without Driving”? The Disability Mobility Initiative at Disability Rights Washington started the weeklong challenge…

Take Action: Side Guards Save Lives

By Lauren Jenkins | June 15, 2023

On Tuesday, an investigation by PBS’s FRONTLINE and ProPublica revealed the extent to which the safety of bicyclists and other road users has been ignored by the U.S. Department of…

Amtrak and Bikes: Upgrading the Experience

By Lauren Jenkins | May 25, 2023

In support of our belief that more bicycling means more benefits for everyone, the League of American Bicyclists has taken the lead on reviving the Amtrak Bike Task Force to…

Better Crash Data That Doesn’t Victim Blame

By Ken McLeod | April 28, 2023

“Blame is how we control the terror stirred up by the seeming randomness of accidental tragedy. There is nothing productive in this process.” – Jessie Singer, There are No Accidents…

Show support for tax credits for e-bikes

By Ken McLeod | March 23, 2023

Let’s get more people on bicycles by making it easier for more people to choose to bike. Making it more financially accessible for people to purchase an e-bike would do…

Sign Our Petition And Join Our Demand For Safe Streets For All

By Raven Wells | November 21, 2022

Please sign our Safe Streets for All petition and together, we’ll take action to save lives by designing and signing our roads for slower driving speeds.