League Staff

In Memoriam: Lorna Green

By Bike League | January 2, 2024

It is with great sadness that the League informs our community of the passing of Lorna Green. For the better part of two decades, Lorna was the League’s Director of…

An Interview with Amelia Neptune: 10 Years Working at the League

By Marlee Townsend | December 12, 2023

This month, Bicycle Friendly America Program Director Amelia Neptune celebrates 10 years of working at the League! Amelia started with the title of Bicycle Friendly America Program Specialist in 2013…

New League Staff: Meet Emma Meehan

By Marlee Townsend | November 27, 2023

Meet the newest member of the League team: Emma Meehan! As our incoming federal policy fellow, Emma works with our deputy executive director Caron Whitaker to further our efforts in…

New League Staff: Connor Herbert

By Raven Wells | January 25, 2023

Meet our new federal policy fellow Connor Herbert! Connor serves on Lincoln’s Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Committee. We’re excited to see him tackle building better active mobility at the local and national levels!

New League Staff: Patricia Donnelly

By Raven Wells | January 23, 2023

Meet our new federal policy fellow and a new member of the League team: Patricia Donnelly!

New League Staff: Jamil Modaffari

By Raven Wells | December 8, 2022

Meet Jamil Modaffari: the League’s new policy specialist and learn more about his journey from education policy to policy for safer bicycling!

An Interview With Caron Whitaker: 10 Years Working At The League

By Raven Wells | December 1, 2022

This month, deputy executive director Caron Whitaker celebrates 10 years of working at the League!

Strong Communities Make Biking Better: League Staff Get Down and Dirty

By AlyssaP | August 17, 2022

Our staff has been ditching the office every so often to volunteer with some phenomenal nonprofits, and here’s why.

What We Do (Other Than Biking) To Help The Environment

By bikeleague | August 11, 2022

League staff shared what we do to help the environment (besides our love for bicycling, of course) in the Summer 2022 issue of our American Bicyclist magazine.

Summer Rides We Love

By Raven Wells | July 27, 2022

In the League’s Summer 2022 magazine we shared rides we’re excited to see our hundreds of bike friends across the country take part in.