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“Slow Roads Save Lives” Webinar

“Slow Roads Saves Lives” calls on everyone – you, your neighbors, local leaders, traffic engineers – to embrace slowing down and saving lives. Why are slow roads good roads? How do we slow down our roads to save lives? And what can you do to join the campaign? Join the League on September 21, 2023…

Webinar: How to Host a Candidate Forum

In our upcoming webinar, on October 10, at 3pm ET, Mike Sule from Asheville on Bikes, along with the League, will break down the hows and whys of hosting a candidate forum so you can ensure voters get real insights into candidates’ thinking on the issues that matter in your community. Mike has hosted a variety…

Introducing the AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit

The League of American Bicyclists and AARP are pleased to announce a new publication, the AARP Bike Audit Tool Kit: A Self-Service Guide to Assessing a Community’s Bikeability. Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn about this new resource and how you can use it to improve bikeability in your own community.