Triny Willerton,

Boulder, Colorado


Triny Willerton is the president and founder of It Could Be Me, a worldwide movement to change the relationship between motorists and other road users. Her organization comprises crash victims and advocates willing to share their survival stories to create a more compelling and vivid narrative to promote and generate change. Her passion and commitment power the growth of the organization.

She was born in Mexico City and lived there for much of her life. She is an American citizen and has also lived in Houston, Tx, Boulder, Co, and Paris, France. In 2016 she moved from Texas to Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and five children so they could enjoy the connectivity that Boulder has to offer.

Unfortunately, in 2018, she was hit by a careless driver with an F150 truck while riding her bike. She spent six days at the hospital with over a dozen fractures, pneumothorax, and other injuries. This event changed her life completely. It drove her to do everything she could to make roads safe for all road users and to avoid what happened to her and her family to anyone else. In 2021 she merged forces with the Vision Zero Network, Families for Safe Streets, and Road to Zero. Their effort asked for congressional support for the Zero Traffic Deaths Resolution, where she requested and led over 40 Zoom calls with congress members across the country. She collaborated in efforts with People for Bikes, NHTSA, Families for Safe Streets, We Save Lives, Road to Zero, Vision Zero, Safe Kids World Wide, Safe Routes to School, Bicycle Colorado, Boulder Valley School District, and the City of Boulder.

She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and children. She was appointed last year by Boulder City Council as part of the Transportation Advisory Board, where she will serve until 2028.