Jimmy Hallyburton,

Boise, ID


Jimmy Hallyburton was born and raised on a dairy farm in Boise Idaho. “Be home by dinner,” and “be kind to others,” are the only rules he remembers growing up with. After fighting wildfires on a Forest Service Hotshot crew and attending Boise State University, he created a nonprofit called the Boise Bicycle Project (BBP) in 2007. As BBP’s 16-year Executive Director, he has helped fix and distribute over 20,000 bicycles to families in need, and has made the organization nationally known for its programs that serve incoming refugees, incarcerated individuals, and families experiencing homelessness. In 2018, he created Boise Goathead Fest, a community building event that has grown into one of America’s largest bicycle festivals. Jimmy was elected to Boise City Council in 2019. In 2021, he led a Bicycle Pathways Master Planning process that set in motion 112 miles of off-street walking and biking pathways across Boise’s neighborhoods. In 2022, Jimmy led efforts to adopt Boise’s first Vision Zero plan and assisted in bringing passenger rail back to Boise and surrounding communities. Jimmy believes that beautiful change happens when people slow down, share space, and tenaciously come together to get their hands dirty.