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Your 2019 Board of Directors candidates

Earlier in the spring, we asked our members to consider joining our Board of Directors. The League’s Board is made up of volunteers who willingly donate their time, skills, and other resources to ensuring we have the tools to achieve our vision where everyone recognizes and enjoys the many benefits and opportunities of bicycling. Several League members all raised their hand to serve and below are the six candidates approved by League Governance Committee. Read their candidate statements below.

Six board candidates are up for three member-elected positions and those elected will start their terms in October 2019.

If your individual League membership or family League membership is current as of June 16, 2019 11:59pm HDT, you will receive an email on June 17th from [email protected] at the email address we have on record with a subject line starting, “Vote Now!” that includes a link to a secure site through which you may cast your vote. The election will run through July 2, 2019. Check your membership status online and if you aren’t yet a member, consider joining as an individual or with a family membership to have a say in the League’s leadership. 

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Christine Acosta

Christine Acosta is committed to improving and growing active transportation: she has ridden bikes in 22 cities in eight countries! In 2014 she founded non-profit Walk Bike Tampa, and presently serves on the board of its regional counterpart, Bike/Walk Tampa Bay, and the newly-formed Tampa Bay Mobility Alliance. In addition to her non-profit work, she launched the social enterprise, Pedal Power Promoters. The firm works with public and private enterprises on a variety of initiatives aimed at improving bicycle-friendliness, including the development of four Bicycle Friendly Business programs. Christine was also the owner/operator of Tampa Bike Valet, which was sold to Two Wheel Valet in 2017.

Bicycle advocacy career highlights include Vision Zero coalition founder, 2017 recipient of LAB’s Susie Stephens Joyful Enthusiasm Award and Coast Bike Share Most Valuable Partner, 2017 Brand Champion of the Year. She has been published or cited in the Tampa Bay Times, APA magazine, Urban Land, American Bicyclist, LAB Blogs, Creative Loafing, and The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast.

Christine is a graduate of Hillsborough Community College and the University of Tampa, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Magna cum laude. Christine resides in Tampa with her husband of 32 years, John. Their eldest son Robert also lives in Tampa and younger son Michael lives in Denver, CO.

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Jim Baross

I wish to serve you on the League Board to support the League and to further my personal goal: to “help save the world by and for bicycling.” By that I mean that more and better bicycling can help to “save” our world in several areas – reducing dependence on a fossil-fuel sourced economy and a polluted environment; reducing negative traffic impacts – collisions and fatalities from motor vehicle crashes, congestion, and pollution; and encouraging healthy active travel and recreation. Just as with the safety benefit from having a “canary in a coal mine”, where a community has little or no bicycling that community is at risk.

My qualifications include experiences as an instructor — Certified as an Effective Cycling Instructor 1986 (#185); 2002, named as a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) Coach conducting more than 45 training seminars certifying more than 400 LCI including 9 Smart Cycling courses to more than 75 Calif. Highway Patrol officers in five California cities, and certifying 11 officers as LCIs.

As an advocate, I have and continue to serve on bicycling advisory committees and advocacy organizations including – Chair, Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Working Group for the San Diego regional association of governments 1995 to 2013; Vice Chair, California Bicycle Advisory Committee for the State Dept. of Transportation 1992 to 2017; Current President. California Association of Bicycling Organizations; Board member, California Bicycle Coalition 1998 to 2011; California State Ambassador, League of American Bicyclists 2009; Co-Chair, California Strategic Highway Safety Plan, Bicycling Challenge Area.

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Jimmy Hallyburton

Hello my name is Jimmy Hallyburton, and I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Boise Bicycle Project (BBP), a nonprofit organization with a mission to make bicycles, bicycle repair, and bicycle safety education available to the entire community regardless of income. Since 2007, I’ve led a team that’s distributed over 15,000 bicycles to the community in need while teaching countless individuals to fix their own bicycles. This tangible aspect of our mission has given us leverage to change state and city laws, transform the physical landscape of our community, and create life-changing collaborative programs with local and national partners.

Throughout my journey I’ve learned the tremendous value of creating and sharing space with others. As an 8-year LCI that’s taught 100s of safety and repair classes from Boise to Haiti, I’ve gained far more knowledge from my students than I’ve given. My time working closely with refugees, incarcerated women and men, people experiencing homelessness, and families living in poverty has helped me grow and has allowed me to bring unique voices and influence to political decision making in City, State, and National arenas. I am excited for the opportunity to serve on the League’s Board and share that same grassroots inclusive approach at an even larger scale.

I believe in a bicycle community where everyone is welcome and all bikes belong, and I believe the League of American Bicyclists can and should play a central role in building that community.

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Jackie Martin

Jackie is a registered nurse working in public health. She is also a distance cyclist who has bike-toured through Arizona, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Virginia. Since 2015, she has served on the board of directors of Tempe Bicycle Action Group, the area’s bicycle advocacy 501(c)3 non-profit, acting as President since 2017. She is also an advisor to the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists, Arizona’s state-wide advocacy organization. Jackie has combined her professional skills as a nurse with her passion for cycling, focusing on improving cycling safety and accessibility for women and families. Under her leadership, TBAG has expanded education programs to families, and worked closely with police, city council, Arizona State University, and local governments on safety and infrastructure projects. Her proudest achievement is developing and implementing an evidence-based safe-cycling program for families, called the Bunny Hop, which will launch nation-wide in 2020.

The national conversation around active transportation is shifting from personal responsibility and safety, to the health and wellness of communities, which is Jackie’s specialty as a public health nurse. With the League, Jackie’s goal is to advance public health messaging in bicycle advocacy through research, development of best practices, and collaborations with healthcare professional organizations. She is thankful for your consideration, and is looking forward to working toward integrating public health strategies and messaging into the League’s bicycle advocacy.

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Michael Payne

I believe that the Bike League should be a larger, more integrated and more powerful voice for change in our country and I am eager to help in all ways possible. I hope to be successful by bringing my experience leading organizations of various sizes, along with my understanding of bicycle advocacy gained over the years.  I have also lived in six countries, including 12 years in the Netherlands, which leads me to believe the US can and must do better.

My professional experience includes 7 years leading a software startup followed by an MBA at Northwestern.  I subsequently spent 15 years in wind energy, ultimately leading teams of developers both in the US and internationally for major energy companies.

Concerning cycling advocacy, I first became active as board member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition in the early 1990s.  In 2013 I took on the challenge repositioning BikeHouston as its first Executive Director (LCI 2014).  In a little over two years the organization went from no staff, 80 members and almost no budget and to over 1000 members, staff of four and an engaged role in the Houston community.  In the process we convinced the city to launch a bicycle master plan which is now being implemented. Over the last three years I have also advocated for improved cycling from the Board of the Safe Routes Partnership.

I am particularly interested in helping the League grow its membership, its budget and its relationships with related organizations.  Thank you for your consideration and ongoing support of the League.

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Beth St. John

I currently split my time between Minneapolis and Amsterdam where I launched Aspire Institute.  Aspire helps academics travel with their students to the Netherlands to learn more about the urban planning, policy making, and civil engineering that are integral to creating and maintaining the pervasive biking culture of this country.  Enabling academics, students, and municipal leaders to experience the most successful cycling city on the planet, will help inspire and mobilize future cycling advocates across America.

Learning about the new strategic plan at the Summit is what prompted me to step up and become a candidate for the Board. I am excited about the opportunity to help the League “transition to an intentional listening and learning driven organization that aims to serve and add value across America’s diverse communities.” As a previous marketing and nonprofit executive, I have experience that will benefit the Board pertaining to fund raising, campaign building, and driving the success of mission-driven organizations.

My participation on the Board would extend the listening and learning of the League outside of the United States to a nation where bicycling has been strategically woven into the cultural fabric of people’s lives.  In the 1970’s, The Netherlands committed to making a societal shift away from being car centric to become acutely focused on improving the wellness of its citizens by supporting cycling. By having an international ambassador, the League will be better able to lead the charge of creating a more healthy, equitable, and sustainable America.